National Salt Limited

National Salt Limited has a long history in salt production in Sri Lanka.  It manufactures common salt, iodine mixed crystal salt, and crush salt. The major production areas are located in Mannar and Elephantpass and its administrative office is located in Colombo.

The salt corporation was started in 1938 and went through different administrative control and finally, it was named as Mantai Salt Ltd in 2001, and in June 2021 the company name was changed to National Salt Limited. Now the company is functioning under the purview of the Ministry of Industries. The company’s salt is being recognized as best in quality (97.0 is Nacl)  as well as the salt produced in another part of the country.

The National Salt Limited not only functions as a natural resource utilization center also gives employment opportunities to the vulnerable people in Northern Province. As of Sep. 2021  there are 56 permanent staff and 150 seasonal staff are employed by the company and going to increase the number of employees through developing the Saltern’s operations.

National Salt Ltd is governed by the board which comprised by the members represent from Treasury and other Government departments/Private sector/ qualified general public and it comes under the purview of the Ministry of Industries. The Restructuring Division of the Ministry is monitoring and facilitating the legal and accountable matters of the company. As it is a government enterprise it is registered under the company Act. No.7 of 2007 as a Limited Company to abide by the company rules. Meanwhile, the institution is certified by the Sri Lanka Standard Institution to ensure the quality of the value-added product, and also the company is being audited by the National Audit Office.


“Development of salt – based enterprises in the Northern Province by exploration of natural resources connected with chemical and other processes and thereby upgrades the living of the people”


“Operation of Salterns, manufacture, processing and marketing of salt and by-products in the Northern Province”

Main Goals / Objectives

Utilizing National Resource, Creating Income For Nation, Providing Employment Opportunities and Ensures Social Corporate Responsibilities.


Production of Crude salt and adding value for consumption through crystalize and iodizing process.

Company ( history)  profile

Year Name of Institute
From To
1938 1965 Salt Department
1966 1990 Sri Lanka National Salt Corporation
1991 1996 Lanka Salt Limited.
1997 2001/Sept. Mannar Saltern under G.A. Mannar
2001/Oct. 2021/June Mantai Salt Limited.
2021/June Up to now National Salt Limited. (Salterns in Northern Province )

Details about Production site

  1. Mannar Saltern

Total production area of Mannar Saltern is 163 acres.  Annual salt production is 6000 MT approximately, which is 3.3% of total salt production in Sri Lanka.  As it is being a profit making organization it manages to do some development and maintenance activities along with staff salaries and welfare through the profit.

  1. Elephant Pass Saltern

The total operational area of Elephantpass saltern is 750 acres and the production capacity is 25000 metric ton per annum in average.

The Saltern has been successfully renovated and the production process started in year 2016

Both Salterns are currently producing Common salt and preparing to do large scale value addition process by installing table salt plants in near future.