The Mantai Salt not only functions as a natural resource utilization center also gives employment opportunities to the vulnerable people in the Mannar District. As of today, there are 83 permanent staff and 200 seasonal staff are employed by the company.

Mantai Salt Ltd is governed by the board which is comprised of the members represented by Treasury and other Government & Private sector representatives and it comes under the purview of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The Corporation and Statutory Board Division of the Ministry is monitoring and facilitating the legal and accountable matters of the company. As it is a government enterprise it is registered under the company Act. No. 7 of 2007 as a Limited Company to abide by the company rules. Meanwhile, the institution is certified by the Sri Lanka Standard Institution to ensure quality. And also the company is being audited by the authorized auditors nominated by the Treasury.

Details about the Production site

a) Mannar Saltern

The total production area of Mannar Saltern is 163 acres.  Annual salt production is 5500 MT approximately, which is 5% of total salt production in Sri Lanka.  This market share of 5% will be increased to 5.5% after further development of Mannar Saltern in near future.

As it is being a profit-making organization it manages to do some development and maintenance activities along with staff salaries and welfare through the profit. Meanwhile, the organization is depending on the government and other donors to do major development & investment activities.

b) Elephant Pass Saltern.

In 2001 Elephant Pass administration came under Mantai Salt Limited by the Cabinet decision. Anyhow Mantai Salt could not operate Elephant Pass Saltern due to the conflict situation. After liberating the Northern area in 2009 by SLA, the Saltern was taken over by the Ministry of Traditional Industry & Small Enterprise Development and they did renovation activity for a worth of 100 Mn on the area of 350 acres. Meanwhile, Cabinet approved Rs.125Mn for Phase-2 activity in 2015. The Saltern now again transferred to Mantai Salt Limited administration by the latest Gazette Notification of 21st Sept. 2015. Mantai Salt Ltd now planning to complete the Phase-1 project and to start Phase-2 in 2016.  Elephant Pass is a giant Saltern in Northern Region. It is expected to produce around 20,000 MT per annum in near future in extending the total production area up to 700 acres.   

History of Mantai Salt Limited

 Name of Institute
  1938   1965   Salt Department
  1966   1990   Sri Lanka National Salt Corporation
  1991   1996   Lanka Salt Limited.
  1997   2001/Sept.   Mannar Saltern under G.A.Mannar
 2001/Oct   Up to date   Mantai Salt Limited. (North & East Salterns)